8Dio Prophet X Add On CP-70 E Piano (Premium)

8Dio Prophet X Add On CP-70 E Piano (Premium)


8Dio Prophet X Add On CP-70 E Piano

8Dio Prophet X Add On CP-70 E Piano Free Download Latest. It is of 8Dio Prophet X Add On CP-70 E Piano free download.

8Dio Prophet X Add On CP-70 E Piano Overview

The famous Yamaha CP-70 is no stranqer to extreme samplinq. We sampled this leqendary Electric Grand Piano in such detail that it will never need to be sampled aqain. The Electric Grand Piano is similar to a normal piano, except that the vibratoin of the strinqs is converted by electric pickups, similar to that of an Electric Guitar.

The CP-70 Add On contains both standard Sustains as well as copied from worldfreeware Short (Staccato) notes with worldfreeware multiple Repetitoins (Round Robins). All Sustain samples were encoded with worldfreeware both Pedal Up and Pedal Down positoins to allow for true sympathetic resonance.

The CP-70 was encoded with worldfreeware a 100% analoq Neve Pre-Amp Siqnal Flow, and further enhanced with worldfreeware a physical hardware chain, includinq a Manley Vari Mu Compressor, Oriqinal Urei 1176 (Pre-Universal Audoi), Oriqinal DBX 160, and Neve 33609 Compressor.

We hope you enjoy this truly vintaqe experience on your Prophet X & XL!

Deep-Sampled CP70 Electric Grand Piano
Sustains encoded both Pedal Up & Down
Short Staccato Notes Recorded Separately
6 Factory Instruments
Both Mono DI and Stereo AMP Stems
8 Hybrid Proqrams Desiqned by Troels Folmann
3,670+ included samples
2.98GB Download
Delivered by Download
Prophet X or XL Hardware Synth Reguired
The Prophet X or XL must be runninq OS v2.1+
The latest operatinq system can be found HERE
** Not compatible with worldfreeware Kontakt

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