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CGCircuit – Discovering Houdini RBD 4

CGCircuit – Discovering Houdini RBD 4   Free Download Latest . It is of  CGCircuit – Discovering Houdini RBD 4   free download.

CGCircuit – Discovering Houdini RBD 4  Overview

Hi everyone, My name is Arsen Margaryan, and I am excited to introduce you to the fourth part of Discovering Houdini RBD, which is a continuation of the previous three series. Therefore I strongly recommend watching all of these lessons in the correct order. So, In this lesson, we continue to study all the remaining nodes that we did not have time to study in the previous three series, and in this process, we will touch on important concepts related to Rrigid Bodies that you must clearly understand in order to be able to solve the problems, that will definitely arise when you start implementing your various ideas. It’s also worth noting that the lesson is very rich in dense and high-quality material and reveals the even greater potential of Houdini’s RBD, which is presented as simply and clearly as possible, although at the same time, complex tasks can be implemented on their basis. Finally, I would like to add that buying all four of these series will give you 8 hours of dense material dedicated only to Houdini sop-based RBD workflow, which is a game changer because it amazes with its simplicity, but at the same time, it is very powerful.

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