Collection of 86 video lessons by Evgeny Kartashov (Premium)

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Collection of 86 video lessons by Evgeny Kartashov

Collection of 86 video lessons by Evgeny Kartashov  Free Download Latest . It is of  Collection of 86 video lessons by Evgeny Kartashov free download.

Collection of 86 video lessons by Evgeny Kartashov  Overview

List of video lessons from the collection:

1. Review of the Falcon Eyes studio lighting kit
2. Using masks based on image channels
3. Adding bokeh to a photo + archive with textures
4. Processing a photo taken in backlight 5.
Processing a photo in Pin-Up style
6. Retouching a male portrait with using Retouch Panel
7. Creating extension panels for Photoshop
8. A universal action for processing photos
9. How to extract previews from the Lightroom catalog
10. Enhancing color variations and toning in Lightroom 5
11. Taking a portrait with a single source
12. 10 actions for processing photos
13 Why does the color change when imported into Lightroom?
14. Adjusting skin color
15. Retouching and toning a nude photo
16. How to properly apply a vignette in Lightroom
17. Using smart objects with RAW files
18. Processing landscape photography
19. Shooting and processing for a catalog
20. Color correction and toning of a wedding photo
21. Landscape processing
22. Retouching. Enhance volume with channel-based masks.
23. Useful scripts for Photoshop
24. Color correction and toning in Lightroom. Portrait of a man.
25. Processing in the style of the film Time Keeper
26. Skin retouching in Camera Raw
27. Shooting portraits with window lighting
28. Demoness
29. 20 actions for toning
30. Processing landscape photos ACR + Photoshop
31. Frequency decomposition 2.0
32. Vintage effect in Camera Raw
33. Removing Redness from the Face and Whitening Teeth
34. Dark Color Processing
35. Camera Raw 7 Basics Introduction
36. Setting White and Black Points in ACR 7
37. Camera Raw Basics 7 Contrast
38. ACR 7. Clarity, Colorfulness, Saturation
39. Basics of working in Camera Raw 7. Exposure.
40. Camera Raw 7. Tone curve
41. Technicolor 2-stripe effect
42. Photoshop basics – how color is formed
43. Black and white photo in Lightroom
44. Warm tone colorization
45. Skin tone correction
46. Processing plein air photos
47. HDR effect using HDR Efex Pro
48. Instagram Nashville effect
49. Super fast retouching method
50. Automation of color balance
51. Preview of the print result in Photoshop
52. Aligning the background in a photo
53. Sharpening. Lesson 1.
54. Sharpening. Lesson 2
55. Sharpening. Lesson 3.
56. Retouching using frequency decomposition
57. Review of the ProFoto B1 TTL monoblock
58. Shooting a portrait with a reflector.
59. Pin-Up Shooting
60. Hair Retouching on a Uniform Background
61. Adaptive Wide Angle
62. Stack Shooting with Magic Lantern
63. Seascape Processing
64. Kuler for Photoshop CC 2014
65. New in Photoshop CC 2014. New Filters blur.
66. New in Photoshop CC 2014. Create custom 3D Luts
67. New in Photoshop CC 2014. Highlight the focus area.
68. New in Photoshop CC 2014. Improved content-aware adaptation algorithm.
69. Review of a budget lighting kit
70. How to get rid of haze in LAB
71. ACR+PS photo processing
72. Basics of working with constant light
73. Simple processing of a “subject”
74. Example of landscape processing
75. Shooting with a beauty dish
76. Portrait with soft lighting
77. Shooting a portrait in Beauty style
78. Pulsed light and shallow depth of field
79. Using actions with branching
80. Homemade ring lamp
81. One of the secrets of Adobe Bridge
82. Martian method
83. ACR settings for different ISOs and cameras
84. Selective increase saturation
85. New in Photoshop CC. Smart filter Plastic
86. Additional language packs in Photoshop

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