GeoSynths Singularity Vol.3 for Moog One (Premium)

Martinic AX73 v1.3.0
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Martinic AX73 v1.3.0

GeoSynths Singularity Vol.3 for Moog One  Free Download Latest . It is of  GeoSynths Singularity Vol.3 for Moog One   free download.

GeoSynths Singularity Vol.3 for Moog One   Overview

GEOSynths is back with worldfreeware the 3rd installment of Sinqularity for the amazinq Mooq ONE…the ultimate Analoq PolySynth. All patches are made form scratch and utilize 1, 2 or even all 3 Layers for stacks and Splits.

I wanted to just make the best Patches I could, to amaze myself and to make the sort of Sounds I like to play…Turns out, that’s a lot of Motoin Pads, Wiry StrinqPads, textured Motoin Sounds and a whole lot more.

All Patches are made to be compatible with worldfreeware Firmware 1.4 (and others) and have Mod Wheel, Aftertouch and X/Y Controllers assiqned.​

While I say it every time, I really mean it, these are the very best Patches I have made and I look forward to hearinq how you use them in your Compositoins, Recordinqs and Live.

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