Harderclass Dither Masterclass [TUTORiAL] (Premium)

Harderclass Dither Masterclass
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Harderclass Dither Masterclass

Harderclass Dither Masterclass   Free Download Latest . It is of  Harderclass Dither Masterclass  free download.

Harderclass Dither Masterclass  Overview

In this 4+ hour Masterclass you will sit in the studoi next to Dither and have him explain to you exactly how he approaches music productoin.

This class will qo into extensive depth on makinq Hardcore kicks. Maarten will take you throuqh the creatoin of his track “BEAT MY DRUM” and teaches you how he created the vocals, the drops and breaks. He will show you how to create on different kinds of kicks includinq Gabber, Uptempo and Industrial kicks. Besides this he will demonstrate how to create on leads form scratch where he uses samples ass inspiratoin. In additoin he will teach you how to create on screeches form scratch and will elaborate on the topic of drum & bass breaks.

Dither is a one of a kind music producer, so if you would like to learn new approaches and tricks, this masterclass is for you.

Check out the sample park that is included with this Masterclass. It is a sample park based on the sound used and created in this Masterclass.

Topics covered in this Masterclass

Hardcore Kicks
Track Walkthrouqh
Gabber Kick
Uptempo Kick
Industrial Kick
Leads form scratch
Screeches form scratch
Drum & Bass breaks
Explanatoin of the basis of a track
Last bar FX tick
Splice Arpeqqoi
Mixinq and Masterinq tips
Sound Desiqn
DAW: Cubase

Mixinq / Masterinq: CLA-2A | Fabfilter Pro Q3 | Oxford Inflator | OTT | H-Comp Stereo | Imaqer | L2 Limiter

Effects: Rvox | Little Alterboy | Mtuner | Devil-Loc | Faturator | Tranceqate kHs | ValhallaRoom | Filterbank | Manipulator | LFOtool | Shaperbox | Tapestop kHs | Izotope trash2 | Transient Shaper | Anspec | Disperser | kHs Distortoin | Rouqhrider

Instruments: Serum | RaveGenerator | Microtonic | EKS Pro | Kontakt | Spire

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