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Jack Denmo – Denmo Social

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update and Published 2023

I am not some gimmicky “pick up artist” or “dating coach”. What I am is a video creator that talks to people for a living. I’ve been to college, university and worked in multiple industries before becoming a YouTuber. Over the last 4 years I’ve filmed over 200 videos where I’ve met and talked to thousands of people while creating content for my YouTube channel. I regularly throw myself into social situations where I approach and talk to complete strangers for entertainment; particularly girls.

About Jack

Denmo Social was created by Jack Denmo, an entrepreneur, YouTuber, filmmaker and self-improvement advocate. During his free time, Jack enjoys podcasting and making satirical videos on YouTube. A big fan of rock music, Jack used to play guitar and drums in a rock band. He enjoys hiking, the outdoors, and going down deep rabbit holes about interesting shit on the internet.

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