Laura Silva Quesada – Silva Intuition LifeStyle Download 2023 (Premium)

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Laura Silva Quesada – Silva Intuition LifeStyle

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File Name Laura Silva Quesada – Silva Intuition LifeStyle
File size 6 GB
Publisher  Laura Silva Quesada
update and Published 2023

In 20 days you can live a life in flow, guided by your intuition and making better choices and decisions.

Silva Intuition LifeStyle Training Program

You will get:

20 daily videos
20 daily exercises
20 days of guidance
Your Journey of Transformation includes:

Day 1: What is Intuition
Day 2: The Long Relax
Day 3: Droplet of Source Energy
Day 4: The HoloViewing Technique
Day 5: Subjective Points of Reference
Day 6: The Process Of Evolving Intuition
Day 7: Projection to Home
Day 8: Projection to Metals
Day 9: The Art of Psychometry
Day 10: Living with Purpose
Day 11: Passage of Time
Day 12: Projection to Leaves
Day 13: Projection to Pets
Day 14: Projection into Human Anatomy and Mind
Day 15: Visualization
Day 16: Auditory Intuition
Day 17: Kinesthetic Intuition
Day 18: Case working
Day 19: Knowing that you Know
Day 20: Everyday Intuition

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