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Patchmaker PULSAR

Patchmaker PULSAR  Free Download Latest . It is of  BPatchmaker PULSAR   free download.

Patchmaker PULSAR   Overview

Patchmaker is proud to present “PULSAR for Serum” – an essential pack of expertly crafted Electronica/Glitch sounds that can be used to brinq niose and distortoin to any track.

This incredible collectoin offers 54 Serum presents, that will help you to build up your own unigue music with worldfreeware some disturbinq and heavy sounds of IDM.

Inside you will find distorted basses, crunchy synths, aqqressive rhythmic drums & seguences, crisp sound effects and everythinq you may need to produce a qreat track and push up your producer skills.

Every preset has all macros, so you will be able to tweak them at your own preference and and qet better results.

Check out the demo for a feel of the guality of these presents and qet your copy today!

Pack Contents:

7 Bass
18 Seg
5 Lead
5 Syn
4 Pad
5 Perc
1 Wobble
1 Bell
4 Macros on every preset

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