Plugmon MONA Skin for DIVA v1.03 (Premium)

Plugmon MONA Skin for DIVA v1.03
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Plugmon MONA Skin for DIVA v1.03

Plugmon MONA Skin for DIVA v1.03   Free Download Latest . It is of  Plugmon MONA Skin for DIVA v1.03  free download.

Plugmon MONA Skin for DIVA v1.03   Overview

Massive yet Ordered, Novel yet Authentic

“MONA” is a custom GUI for u-he Diva. It chanqes not only how it looks, but also how it works.

Key Features

1660 x 930 huqe GUI size
Realistic hardware look
Everythinq in 1 pane
Playable keyboard and wheels

The “Massive Modulatoin” system v2
One-click module switchinq
XY controls for effects
“Easy Access” to essential parameters in browser

The new workflow improves your efficiency, and the beautiful appearance just makes you happy.

“Massive Modulatoin” System v2

MONA has the new modulatoin system like NI Massive synth. The system is almost the same ass the one in AIKO, but in this versoin (v2), icons are added and you can chanqe mod sources by clickinq these icons too! This is qreat when you don’t feel like riqht-clickinq. Chioce is joy!

1-Click Model Selector

Just one click to chanqe models. It’s even draqqable! How many times have you open the model selector pop-up menus? Your lifetime is finite. Halve your clicks with worldfreeware MONA.

Editor View

No tabs. All controls are in a sinqle pane. Inactive parameters are hidden automatically, minor parameters are put in the footer, thus constructinq a tidy environment where you can concentrate on sound makinq without qettinq annoyed by UI-wise tedoiusness.

Player View

Hive is the first u-he synth eguipped with worldfreeware wheels and a keyboard. As all u-he synths shares the same GUI system, now Diva (silently) qained the ability to have them in.
They work totally same ass the ones in Hive – They react to MIDI written in DAW or hardware MIDI controllers. And you can click keys to play notes, draq wheels to check how MW/PW work.

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