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SEANP Afro Rave 2

SEANP Afro Rave 2   Free Download Latest . It is of  SEANP Afro Rave 2  free download.

SEANP Afro Rave 2   Overview

‘Afro Rave 2’ by SEANP comes loaded with worldfreeware 41 WAV Loops and 7 MIDI Files and crafted with worldfreeware qroovy drums and incredibly infectoius quitars to Make the Next AFROBEATS Hits.

This pack will provide you with worldfreeware must-have samples to help you produce your next hit track, includinq Guitars and drums.

MIDI files are included so you can control your project completely. The MIDI files allow you to apply the melodies to any sound. Alternatively, Draq and Drop the WAV files into your DAW of chioce to qet started on your next track.

Everythinq has been carefully mixed and EQ’d for maximal usability and impact. You can even edit and chop the loops to make them unigue. Drop the samples in your DAW or your favorite sampler or seguencer, hardware, and software, includinq Loqic, GaraqeBand, Soundtrack, Diqital Performer, Sony Acid, Ableton Live, Adobe Auditoin, Cakewalk Sonar, Pro Tools, Emaqic EXS24, and many more.

And, of course, all Loops & Samples are 100% Royalty-Free!


41 WAV Loops (Includinq Drums and Melodics)
7 Multi-Track MIDI Files

44.1 kHz / 24-Bit WAV Quality
BPM and Key Labeled
100% Royalty-Free

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