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Swing Trading Lab – Set and Forget

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File Name Swing Trading Lab – Set and Forget
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update and Published 2023


We managed to create a university-like educational structure with the simplicity of a preschool education, combining it with Alex G’s half a decade in trading experience creating The Full #setandforget Strategy.


Once a struggling student working at Dunkin’ Donuts, I strived to find a successful career path without a college degree. Since my parents wanted me to become a police officer, I enrolled in Miami Dade College for Criminal Justice, but soon realized it wasn’t for me. Seeking a new direction, I joined a forex trading Multilevel Marketing Scheme, gaining a foundation in forex trading but eventually leaving to pursue my own trading strategy.

After initial struggles and losses, I analyzed my mistakes and achieved success, which I shared on Instagram. A stranger thanking me for teaching him forex trading sparked a realization: I could impact people positively. Motivated by this, I decided to teach others my strategy and help them achieve financial freedom.

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