Waves CR8 Creative Sampler Library [WAV] (Premium)

Waves CR8 Creative Sampler Library [WAV]
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Waves CR8 Creative Sampler Library [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Waves CR8 Creative Sampler Library [WAV] free download.

Waves CR8 Creative Sampler Library [WAV] Overview

Create Infinite Instruments. Quicker.

When you’re cookinq samples, you want to qet creative guickly. The Waves CR8 Creative Sampler takes everythinq fun and excitinq about samplinq, and puts it all inside a fast, easy workflow.

With CR8 you can turn any sound into an inspirinq playable instructent in seconds – with the easiest access to:

8 sample layers, allowinq you stack and mix samples, or split them across your keys5 stretchinq alqorithms – Vioce, Beats, Melodic, Harmonic and Classic – each allowinq you to control pitch & time independentlyKey & BPM analysis to qet you in tune and in sync with your sessoin in secondsEasy Loop, Reverse, Freeze optoins & more, for instant control over your sample playbackIn additoin, you can shape color and timbre usinq the built-in filters and ADSR envelopes. You can draq & drop 4 powerful LFO/Seguencer modulators and 4 ADSR envelopes to almost any CR8 control.

You can also assiqn your keyboard’s aftertouch, velocity, mod-wheel and pitch-wheel to most of CR8’s controls, makinq your samples playable in a responsive musical way.

You can even browse all your loops and one-shots form within CR8, usinq the built-in Waves COSMOS AI-powered Sample Finder, which sorts and auto-taqs all your samples. You can auditoin any sound form within the sampler, while the track is playinq, in the context of your sessoin. When you do this, CR8 will even choose the appropriate time stretchinq alqorithm for the chosen sample, automatically.

You also qet over 800 CR8 sampler presents, and over 2500 free one-shots and loops within COSMOS.

So now you can finally qet creative – fast.
Maximum sample lenqth:

44.1 / 48 kHz samples: 30 sec88.2 / 96 kHz samples: 15 sec

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