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789ten Bass Modulators Limitless Producer Pack   Free Download Latest . It is of  789ten Bass Modulators Limitless Producer Pack   free download.

789ten Bass Modulators Limitless Producer Pack  Overview

A comprehensive Hardstyle producer pack from Bass Modulators.

This hardstyle offering is just impressive… and downright generous. Who does this?

The producer pack has multiple components with many bonuses. CHECK THIS OUT:

Tutorial: The guys produce their new track “Silently” in a 3.5 hr live demonstration tutorial. They take a vocal all the way to finishing the intro, verse, build up and drop, second verse, key change to final build up and drop. Enjoy this tutorial with HD video and audio.
Bass Modulators Hardstyle Kick Sample Pack: Multi-keyed kick used throughout the Limitless album + Multi-keyed FX kick. This kick is incredibly FAT and balanced in its production. We couldn’t believe they were willing to let this one out to the producer community.
Bass Modulators Sylenth Library: Worth the price of the pack alone. 76 carefully crafted presets used throughout the limitless album and the new single “Silently” in a user friendly Sylenth preset bank. See preset lising below.
2 x Spire Lead Presets + 1 x Spire Arp Pluck Preset: designed meticulously and used by Bass Modulators in their tracks
Bass Modulators Studio One Project File: Contains BM synth stacks, processing and samples that are originals from BM. You can download Studio One free for 30 days just to check it out if you aren’t using Studio one yet.
Valhalla Lead Synth Preset: Used on many of their synths as you’ll see in the tutorial, now you can use it on your own tracks. Quick installation video included to make it easier for you.
MIDI: Drag and drop the midi from the tutorial into your own project to get inspiration to write your next progression and melodies. Having the midi is extremely useful when you want analyze the musical foundation of the track.
OZONE 8 BM Mastering Preset: YES! This is what they use to master their tracks as of late and they show you how to use this configuration in the tutorial.
This pack is an instant download. Get it now!

Let’s face it… Production is a deep and complex group of subjects that you need to spend time on; a lot of time. One of the most profound things about the Bass Modulators way of production is how MINIMAL the processing is on their individual layers in the mix. For these guys, it’s about getting the sound design just right in the synth. If you get that correct, the mixing is more about levels than anything else. IF you have ever found yourself putting like 3 EQ’s and 7 compressors on a track to control this and that… you’ve picked the WRONG SAMPLE… or designed your sound incorrectly. So what is the lesson here? Stop trying to make something fundamentally poor into something passable… START WITH GREAT AND BUILD ON THAT INSTEAD!

A BIG hats off to Rick and Roland for making this so effortlessly obvious in our latest 789ten journey into hardstyle production. THANK YOU

Total run time of tutorial:

3 hours 32 minutes 15 sec

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