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Artstation – Real Time Fur Techniques : Tutorial

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File Name Artstation – Real Time Fur Techniques : Tutorial
File size 1.5 GB
Publisher  Artstation
update and Published 2023

In this commented video walkthrough, you’ll learn to easily create Real Time Fur through three differents and complementary techniques.
The first one is particularly suitable for animals and characters with fur, even realistic ones. It uses Fibrermesh from Zbrush, baked in a particular way to give a nice Fur effect!
The second technique is for more little pieces, or that requires less control on the direction of the hair like fur on clothes.
For the third one we’ll use cards to break silhouette of the character.
You’ll use :
Zbrush 2021.1.1 (Fibermesh)
Substance Designer / Painter (baking/texturing)
Marmoset Toolbag 3 (real time rendering)


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