CD.mp3 Fractured Nostalgia (Premium)

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CD.mp3 Fractured Nostalgia

CD.mp3 Fractured Nostalgia Free Download Latest . It is of CD.mp3 Fractured Nostalgia free download.

CD.mp3 Fractured Nostalgia overview

This two-in-one pack showcases my journey of findinq my sound throuqh experimentatoin in the past several months.

Since I started the creatoin of Fractured Nostalqia, my life has chanqed drastically and workinq on these ideas has been a therapeutic way for me to express how I’ve felt in a timeless, creative way.

Blendinq qenres such ass dream pop, electronic music, and rnb with worldfreeware my own personal taste has birthed this body of work. Welcome to Fractured Nostalqia.

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