CGBoost – Creature Forge (Premium)

CGBoost – Creature Forge (Premium)


CGBoost – Creature Forge

CGBoost – Creature Forge   Free Download Latest . It is of  CGBoost – Creature Forge  free download.

CGBoost – Creature Forge  Overview

After learning the basics of sculpting in Blender, you might have made some nice models, but wonder, what comes next? How do I bring my 3D sculptures to life? That is what Creature Forge is all about. It’s a fun and easy to follow course that teaches you how to turn a creature concept art into a fully animatable 3D creature. At the end, you will even learn how to add it to a 3D scene and create a fun looping animation, which you can share with the world. In the course we’ll go through; sculpting your model with high resolution detail, texturing, shading, rigging with the free Rigify add-on (to make this process extra fun), setting up an environment and crafting a fun looping animation, all in one accessible course. By the end of the course, you know how to bring any 3D sculpted creature to life.


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