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CGCircuit – Discovering Houdini Vellum 4

CGCircuit – Discovering Houdini Vellum 4   Free Download Latest . It is of  CGCircuit – Discovering Houdini Vellum 4    free download.

CGCircuit – Discovering Houdini Vellum 4   Overview

Hi everyone; I’m Arsen Margaryan and I’m very excited to show you the 4th part of one big project called Discovering Houdini Vellum, which is all about vellum grains and vellum fluids, and this is probably the most fun and juicy part of this big project. This lesson is a follow-up of the previous series, and I strongly suggest you watch it only after you master the previous vellum series. Now some details about this lesson. We will explore in depth all the properties related to them, and also do many interesting and practical tasks that will greatly improve your toolbox since the Vellum is one system where all types can interact with each other, and by adding sand and liquid to this system, you can already do crazy things, which are almost impossible to do without a Vellum. I also want to say, that the concept of vellum itself is such that it can be endlessly expanded, in terms of adding new types of simulations, as well as new constraints for more control and so on, which developers are already doing successfully. So I strongly urge everyone to study vellum in detail since there is a huge potential there, and all these four series I have made will greatly help you in this matter because they cover a large amount of these vast capabilities.



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