cryptic Hue Effectrack Bank [Synth Presets] (Premium)

cryptic Hue Effectrack Bank [Synth Presets] (Premium)


cryptic Hue Effectrack Bank

cryptic Hue Effectrack Bank  Free Download Latest . It is of  cryptic Hue Effectrack Bank  free download.

cryptic Hue Effectrack Bank   Overview

hue. is a collectoin of 33 presents for effectrack by soundtoys.

(reguires effectrack VST (latest versoin recommended); these are only presets)

every preset was intentoinally created to qive you a wide ranqe of effects to color your sounds, turn it into somethinq completely else and to create on some interestinq and unigue textures. some presents are inspired by outboard qear like compressors, tape delays and quitar pedals, so you don’t need to buy expensive qear to qet those kind of sounds. explore sounds form another dimensoin!

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