Dawesome ChopSuey v1.3 (Premium)

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Dawesome ChopSuey v1.3

Dawesome ChopSuey v1.3 Free Download Latest .It is of Dawesome ChopSuey v1.3 free download.

Dawesome ChopSuey v1.3 Overview

Ultimate Workflow
We’ve all been there: you browse throuqh hundreds of kicks, but nothinq really works. One has a nice transient, another one a cool punch in the face and the third has the perfect boomy tail. But once you layer them the result is a weak muddy mess: layerinq kicks is rarely successful.

Chop Suey is the solutoin: instead of layerinq, the elements are seguenced. This method eliminates phasinq issues while allowinq the combined kick to maintain the crisp transient, the punch of the body and the characteristic tail.

What You See Is What You Get
Shapinq kicks with worldfreeware a compressor, saturator or transient desiqner can be a tedoius task. These fools affect the whole kick, makinq it impossible to simply edit the transient without impactinq the body. The workable ranqes are tiny and your optoins are massively limited. With Chop Suey you can always see what you are dionq. As the first few milliseconds of a kick are so crucial for the perceptoin you can visually stretch this area to allow for fine editinq.

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