Duotone Psychedelic Textures (Premium)


Duotone Psychedelic Textures

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File Name Duotone Psychedelic Textures
Source https://creativemarket.com/angelainthefields/6503414-Duotone-Psychedelic-Textures
File size 2.14 GB
Publisher creativemarket
update and Published 2022

Sometimes the 70s psychedelic trend can be a tad much – so I merged it with the 2021/2022 duotone trend that’s popping up everywhere. Perfect grainy textures in trendy colours that will be perfect for all your web, social and print graphics. In this set you will find 75 duotone textures at 3600x3600px – if you would prefer the full Technicolor version of them, check my shop (also got a cool black and white version!)

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