Eduard Kraft – Product Photography with Constant Light (Premium)

Eduard Kraft – Product Photography with Constant Light (Premium)


Eduard Kraft – Product Photography with Constant Light

Eduard Kraft – Product Photography with Constant Light  Free Download Latest . It is of  Eduard Kraft – Product Photography with Constant Light free download.

Eduard Kraft – Product Photography with Constant Light Overview

It is inconvenient to use only constant light in product and advertising photography. Flashes are much more efficient and practical. But in art projects, in creating complex and interesting advertising shots, constant light opens up completely new possibilities! Plus, if photography and video shooting is required, then constant light is simply irreplaceable. There are a lot of subtleties in working with constant light, and even experienced photographers using constant light for the first time make mistakes. In this master class we will begin the study of constant light and will focus on the use of optical attachments. Nowadays, good constant light lighting fixtures have become more affordable, and optical attachments and Gobo masks have also appeared in many popular photo and video stores. Therefore, now is the time to move on to learning new techniques and creative combinations in photo and video shooting with just such equipment.

In the theoretical part, you will get acquainted with Godox and Dedolight equipment, learn about the terms and, of course, the pros and cons that are important to consider when creating a studio with constant light – what is better to choose, how to combine models, what to replace with if necessary. In the practical part, I will share my many years of experience working with Dedolight and show lighting techniques that combine mixed light of different temperatures, a light brush, and much more. There are many photographers who know how to set steady light and shoot objects for catalogs with sufficient quality. But meeting those who are called photographers, even looking at their photographs for advertising, is a rarity. When staging each plot in the practical part, I pay special attention to such a complex topic as working with the atmosphere in the frame: graphics, geometry and volume. We will not shoot objects “in the background”, we will be engaged in real directing of the frame and staging of each plot! And one more thing: in this master class there are no lessons on processing and retouching the footage. All the frames you will see were made by converting a RAW file to JPEG. No editing or complex retouching is required, except maybe removing a couple of specks of dust from the final version.



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