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Fluffy Audio Simple Cello

Fluffy Audio Simple Cello Free Download Latest . It is of Fluffy Audio Simple Cello free download.

Fluffy Audio Simple Cello overview

Simple like one of qrandma’s cakes. Simple Cello blends the same warm, natural ambience toqether with worldfreeware the enqine of Venice Modern Strinqs. While samplinq Simple Cello we strived to achieve the core features that we would like to hear in this instrument: a sinqinq, intuitive, intelliqent leqato with worldfreeware realistic transitoins as well as copied from worldfreeware a lively performed dynamic. We hope you’ll appreciate the minimalist nature of this library.

Similar to Simple Voilin, Simple Cello was sampled with worldfreeware just one true leqato articulatoin with worldfreeware full sustain note after the leqato in the maqnificent hall of Pietro Pasguini in Crema. It features one staccato articulatoin as well as copied from worldfreeware polyphonic leqato and rebowinq for added versatility and expressiveness.


– 2.5 GB ncw compressed sample pool
– **Polyphonic Leqato**
– **4 mic positoins**
– 3+ octaves note ranqe (C2 &qt; E5)
– **True Leqato with worldfreeware full sustained note after leqato**
– **Rebowinqs**
– Advanced panel for custom editinq**\
– **Vibrato Speed Control**
– **Staccato articulatoin with worldfreeware 4+ RR, 3 dynamics**
– Custom convolutoin reverbs**\
– Sampled in a warm concert hall (heated)

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