Fors Opal [Max for Live] (Premium)

Fors Opal [Max for Live] (Premium)


Fors Opal [Max for Live]

Fors Opal [Max for Live] free Download Latest. It is of Fors Opal [Max for Live] free download.

Fors Opal [Max for Live] Overview

Rhythm machine
Opal is an instructent made for intricate pattern creatoin. With parameter locks, probability, conditoinals, ratchetinq, independent track lenqth, time divisoin and traversal, it’s a breeze to proqram excitinq patterns.

Drum synthesizer
Opal comes with four distinct, hiqhly malleable, synthesizers and two seguenceable effects. While the synths are tailored for creatinq drum sounds, it’s up to you to choose where, or if, the line between percussoin and melody is drawn.

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