Frank Doorhof – Glamour, Light of the old Masters (Premium)

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Frank Doorhof – Glamour, Light of the old Masters

Frank Doorhof – Glamour, Light of the old Masters  Free Download Latest . It is of  Frank Doorhof – Glamour, Light of the old Masters   free download.

Frank Doorhof – Glamour, Light of the old Masters  Overview

The latest addition to our highly successful Mastering the Model Shoot series is a response to the requests we have received since the beginning of our vlog episodes during this workshop. I am extremely proud to announce that it is now available. In this installment, we delve into the realm of the old masters, exploring the captivating and almost enchanting world of old-fashioned portrait, glamour, and fashion shots. We will guide you on how to create stunning film noir, detective, and film scene looks, as well as breathtaking high contrast portraits, all while maintaining complete control over lens flare and background. Additionally, we will provide you with a plethora of tips on how to create mood and atmosphere using special lenses and techniques that won’t break the bank. Topics covered include lens flare, working with flags to manipulate light, achieving total control over lighting, shadow transfers, light falloff, combining strobes with continuous light, metering a scene, creating a soft glow without relying on Photoshop, adding smoke effects without a smoke machine, experimenting with crystals and prisms, utilizing tilt lenses for awe-inspiring effects, using vintage lenses on modern cameras, harnessing the power of natural sunlight, and a multitude of other invaluable tips and tricks. While many photographers opt for big soft boxes and flat lighting setups due to their simplicity and reliability, it is important to remember that photography is an art of painting with light and telling stories through images. The old masters understood this concept and skillfully manipulated light to achieve their desired results. They made light their ally, much like the masked hero Zorro, and strategically placed shadows to create striking visual compositions. Remarkably, they achieved all of this without the aid of modern gear, Photoshop, or large soft boxes. Instead, they controlled their lighting using flags and precise placement. Once you master these techniques, a world of incredible setups and results will unfold before you.


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