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Fredrik Stromme – Cabin Life edit

Fredrik Stromme – Cabin Life edit    Free Download Latest . It is of  Fredrik Stromme – Cabin Life edit  free download.

Fredrik Stromme – Cabin Life edit  Overview

You will acquire the skills to create an evocative and moody setting, characterized by rich shades of green. In Lightroom, you will be taught how to incorporate mist into the scene, employ a gentle light source, and introduce shadows. Additionally, you will learn about utilizing tone curves, making color adjustments, and employing split toning. Sharpening techniques and noise reduction will also be covered. In Photoshop, the focus will be on enhancing the soft light. The utilization of the Nik Collection will be explored, along with techniques for adding a cool color tone and increasing the amount of mist around the waterfall. Adjustment layers, masking, dodging and burning, as well as the use of content aware, will be discussed. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the Orton softening effect and luminosity masking, both with and without the use of actions.


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