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Fredrik Stromme – Moody falls edit

Fredrik Stromme – Moody falls edit   Free Download Latest . It is of  Fredrik Stromme – Moody falls edit  free download.

Fredrik Stromme – Moody falls edit   Overview

This post-processing tutorial will show you how to create a dark and mysterious scene with rich greens in Lightroom and Photoshop.
You will learn the following techniques in Lightroom:
• How to create a foggy effect with the graduated filter and the dehaze slider.

• How to add a subtle light source with the radial filter and the exposure slider.

• How to darken the image with the tone curve and the shadows slider.

• How to adjust the colors with the HSL panel and the split toning panel.

• How to sharpen the image and reduce the noise with the detail panel.

In Photoshop, you will learn the following techniques:
• How to make the light source more prominent with the Nik Collection plugin and the curves adjustment layer.

• How to apply a cool color tone with the photo filter adjustment layer and the opacity slider.

• How to add more fog to the waterfall with the brush tool and the cloud filter.

• How to use the adjustment layers, the layer masks, the dodge and burn tools and the content aware fill tool to refine the image.

• How to create a soft and dreamy effect with the Orton effect and the luminosity masks, both manually and with actions.



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