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Learn Swiftui Fundamentals

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File Name Learn Swiftui Fundamentals
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Publisher udemy
update and Published 2023

In this course you will learn many SwiftUI fundamentals to construct beautiful user interfaces. You will be taught many different topics throughout 20 different videos, amounting to about 2 hours of material. All the topics taught will be integrated into the two projects at the end. The videos are quick and easy to follow ensuring students to quickly grasp SwiftUI so that they can later implement it into their own projects. Some of the topics include things such as texts, stacks, navigation, sheets, buttons, etc. There are certain things need for this course. First one must have a Mac/MacBook, Xcode, Bakery, and SF Symbols. Xcode, Bakery, and SF Symbols can all be downloaded through the App Store on your Mac/MacBook

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