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Lighting for Story and Concept Art with Sam Nielson

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Over a course of nine video lectures, games industry veteran Sam Nielson will show you how to maximize the visual appeal of your art by using techniques from industry story and concept artists. You will learn how to use lighting, surface, and atmosphere to make your characters and environments more striking and evocative. Sam opens up and combines his knowledge of lighting with digital process, color theory, value mastery, and visual narrative, in a way that teaches how to create images that clearly and beautifully express exactly what you want them to. If you are a visual storyteller of any type, this class is ideal for you!


“Lighting for Story and Concept Art with Sam Nielson” consists of nine video lectures presented over 14 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Although it would help, you do NOT need to take “Fundamentals of Lighting with Sam Nielson” in order to take this class. However, this class IS intended for students with prior lighting experience, so you will be expected to already know:

– how to paint objects under lights of different sizes

– how to paint materials with a variety of attributes (e.g. matte, shiny, and textured surfaces, translucent materials, etc.)

– how to control lighting exposure

– how light, colors, and surface colors interact

– how shadows are cast by lights of different sizes and from different positions

– how light is scattered by atmospheric effects

If you’re unsure about your level of expertise, please feel free to send us your online portfolio using the “contact” link below and we will be happy to advise you.

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