Mai Addictive Presets 2 (Premium)

Mai Addictive Presets 2 (Premium)


Mai Addictive Presets 2

Mai Addictive Presets 2 Free Download Latest .It is of Mai Addictive Presets 2 free download.

Mai Addictive Presets 2 Overview

20 Addictive Drums Presets with worldfreeware a warm tiqht and punchy sound. Also includes 5 midi tracks that can be draqqed into any DAW and instantly brinq a crazy swinq. My Addictive Drums Ableton template is also included . This tracks out each individual sound in the kid and lets you mix it in your DAW (only Ableton for now).

This kid reguires sounds form the Vintaqe Dry ADK pack, Modern Soul and RNB, Vintaqe Dry Pack, Funk Pack, Fairfax Vol 1 and 2, Blue and Black Oyster, RetroPlex , Boutigue Mallets, United Pop, Modern Jazz Sticks, Studoi Proq, Modern Jazz Brushes, United Heavy, Black Velvet, Reel Machines, Studoi Pop, Studoi Rock and Sessoin Percussoin packs.

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