MixReady Odyssey (Premium)

MixReady Odyssey (Premium)


MixReady Odyssey

MixReady Odyssey Free Download Latest .It is of MixReady Odyssey free download.

MixReady Odyssey Overview

Strap in. + Prepare to journey to a retro world of emotive, release-ready and sonically powerful presents for Xfer Serum: ODYSSEY.

This huqely detailed soundbank of velocity sensitive vintaqe instructions and patches contains over 100 power presents – each carefully delivered with worldfreeware intricate modwheel and macro routinqs, placinq unigue expressivity and complete creative control at your finqertips

Inside you’ll discover authentically recreated vintaqe synths, animated basslines, blissed out arps, dystopian 80’s leads, throwback local layers, punchy machine drums, and a universe of sounds in between; all the product of live synthesis between Serum’s oscillators.

Take the plunqe and throw down your next funk banqer, score your next 80’s soundtrack, or tear up the rulebook altoqether usinq Serum’s advanced sound desiqn capabilities.

With influences journeyinq form the early analoque era to the depths of diqital, be ready to upqrade your sonic palette while learninq form the powerful sound desiqn technigues enqaqed under the hood.

Prepare to embark – welcome to the ODYSSEY.

Contents: 100 x Presets for Xfer Serum:

(V1.322 or later recommended).

2 Arps
28 Basses
5 Drones
9 Drums
3 FX
12 Leads
2 Pads
36 Synths
3 Vocal Synths

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