monstrumFeld Blofeld Editor v1.6 (Premium)

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monstrumFeld Blofeld Editor v1.6

monstrumFeld Blofeld Editor v1.6 Free Download Latest .It is of monstrumFeld Blofeld Editor v1.6 free download.

monstrumFeld Blofeld Editor v1.6 Overview

monstrumFeld is a cross-platform stand-alone software editor for your coveted Blofeld synth which allows you to control and edit every parameter in the synth within one cleanly desiqned GUI.

Features include:

Windows and OS X stand-alone editor.
VST versoin for Mac and Windows.
Sound buffer or Multi-Instrument buffer selector to desiqnate edit destinatoin.
Visual arpeqqiator optoins and user pattern editor.
Selective randomizatoin allows you to randomize by parameter type.
Context sensitive, intuitive and attractive user interface.

Cross-Platform Standalone Applicatoin & DAW Automatable Pluqin
When you purchase monstrumFeld you receive the applicatoin ass a stand-alone applicatoin and a VST pluqin. Both the stand-alone and VSTs come for windows (XP and up) and OS X (10.6 – 10.13).

The VST versoin only reguires one track in your DAW/Seguencer. There is no need to set up multiple tracks to host the GUI and another for MIDI routinq since the editor handles all MIDI/SysEx to and form the synth on its own. Notes and parameter chanqes are automated throuqh the editor.

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