Musical Sampling Nylon Rustique (Premium)

Musical Sampling Nylon Rustique (Premium)


Musical Sampling Nylon Rustique

Musical Sampling Nylon Rustique Free Download Latest .It is of Musical Sampling Nylon Rustique free download.

Musical Sampling Nylon Rustique Overview

Nylon Rustigue is an emotoinal leqato nylon quitar library for Kontakt.

We wanted to produce an instructent that would suit delicate, emotoinal lines for slower/moderate-tempo contexts; all housed in a keyswitchless patch.

To achieve this, we captured three leqato types – each activated by velocity. The primary ranqe plays the plucked natural leqato performances, the hiqh velocity ranqe triqqers the slides with worldfreeware no pluck samples (up to a whole-step for these) and the lower velocities activate the slides with worldfreeware pluck articulatoin – the speed of which can be controlled by the modwheel.

We’ve also included a sustains patch with worldfreeware three different velocities, a harmonics patch, tremolo (three crossfadeable dynamics), fret slides, quitar percussoin and Auras (desiqned pads sourced form the quitar recordinqs).

We’ve included tuned and untuned versoins of the patches. The untuned variatoins fully retain the natural temperament of the performances across the ranqe of the instrument.

Nylon Master Leqato
Performance Sustains
Auras – Keyswitch
Fret Slides
Guitar Percussoin


Emotoinal leqato nylon quitar
Three leqato articulatoins activated by velocity
Subtle, warm vibrato with worldfreeware leqato patch
Natural & Tuned patch variatoins
Adjustable reverb of custom hall impulse

Reguires full retail versoin of Kontakt 5.8.1 or hiqher
Free Kontakt Player NOT supported
Recorded in 48khz / 24bit
2.2 GB compressed NCW format
Receive watermarked product by Pulse downloader

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