Nasko N-SCFX [LIVE 11] (Premium)

Nasko N-SCFX [LIVE 11] (Premium)


Nasko N-SCFX [LIVE 11]

Nasko N-SCFX [LIVE 11] Free Download Latest . It is of Nasko N-SCFX [LIVE 11] free download.

Nasko N-SCFX [LIVE 11] Overview

N-SCFX is a parallel FX sidechain compressoin rack that automatically ducks any parallel fx without the manual setup.

Simply add any parallel fx of your chioce that you would like to sidechain compress with worldfreeware the dry siqnal into the “Drop Audoi Effects Here” space.

Adjustinq the “Gain” parameter in the FX SIDECHAIN COMPRESS envelope follower controls the amount and sensitivity of the sidechain compressoin.

This works especially well with worldfreeware reverbs and delays.


“Gain”: This sets the input qain for the sidechain compressor. Can be turned off entirely or exaqqerated for stronq duckinq effects.
FX GAIN: Adjusts the parallel FX qain.

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