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Nicolesy – Layers and Masks

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update and Published 2023

Layers and Marks course review. Nicole is an excellent teacher who combines clear descriptions, lessons in bite-sized chunks, and an enthusiasm for learning.

I can remember when I was first learning how to edit my digital photos, and layers and masks were a mystery to me. I knew that once I understood those foundations, so much more would be possible when it comes to creating the photos I could see in my head.

And I was right!
After I finally started to understand how to use layers and work non-destructively, my photography edits improved ten-fold. I no longer had to struggle through Photoshop, guessing every step along the way.

Now I can create with purpose
Layers and masks in Photoshop are two of the biggest essential features that must be understood in order to create the vision you see. Photoshop is an extremely powerful program that YOU can FINALLY MASTER.

YOU can finally master Photoshop and learn how to:
Discover my two methods to edit a landscape photograph using luminosity masks
Learn how I create selections of hair with a simple and straightforward formula
Use Photoshop to do all of the work (without a plugin!)
Add beautiful textures to your photographs
Blend your photos together seamlessly
Remove the confusion around masking and layers
Stop struggling in Photoshop

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