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Photigy – Glossy Black Leather Shoes

Photigy – Glossy Black Leather Shoes   Free Download Latest . It is of  Photigy – Glossy Black Leather Shoes  free download.

Photigy – Glossy Black Leather Shoes   Overview

This is a product photography tutorial for Pro Club Interactive Education Program
In this advanced photography tuturial, you will learn how to shoot high gloss dress shoes. and complicated surfaces as shoes with glossy finish have. As usual, we’re going to create a really interesting setup with some cool props.

This is great for you when you are showcasing your product in your portfolio and for social media.

As a professional photographer, you will have great benefit from our tutorials

Your instructors in this workshop are Alex Koloskov. He will explain to you the following:

How to overcome challenges when working on glossy shoes photography assignments.
How to set up the scene for a composition.
What studio lights and how to use for dramatic effects in a small studio.
What final steps need to be made for the best in-camera results.


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