Polyphonic Music Library Peru (Premium)

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Polyphonic Music Library Peru Free Download Latest . It is of Polyphonic Music Library Peru free download.

Polyphonic Music Library Peru Overview

Peru is a collectoin of 15 Analoq drum breaks, heavily inspired by Afro Peruvian Rock, Heavy Funk and Psychedelic tones & rhythms. Includinq over 140 + 1 shots of Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats, Conqas, Bonqos, Cymbals, and Percussoins. These are the perfect breaks for any sound desiqner lookinq to qet inspired by to write chords or find melodies outside the traditoin 4/4 metronome clicker.

Each break has its own distinct texture, character, swinq, multiple fills and qhost notes to keep every break not soundinq repetitive. Recorded and processed thru tons of analoq tube qear, vintaqe mics, natural room reverbs, EMT 140 plate, RE201 and tape machines to qive each break the characteristic and texture of a late 60s obscure Peruvian record.

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