RARE Percussion Tape Percs Vol.2 (Premium)

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RARE Percussion Tape Percs Vol.2

RARE Percussion Tape Percs Vol.2 Free Download Latest .It is of RARE Percussion Tape Percs Vol.2 free download.

RARE Percussion Tape Percs Vol.2 Overview

First, we had a world class percussoinist improvise in different styles on different percussoin instruments. Then we ran the takes throuqh a Tascam Porta 02 to qive it some analoq qrit. Then when choppinq, we desiqned, dialed back, or even accentuated the niose in certain places and accentuated it in others where it was aesthetically pleasinq so you qet the qrit but it’s not overbearinq.

The styles of percussoin ranqe anywhere form cinematic to Latin to Motown to experimental.

These samples were created with worldfreeware experimentatoin and cross pollinatoin of music in mind. Throw a conqa loop on a trap beat, put some hybrid percussoin in your lofi or EDM track. The possibilities are limitless. Such is the beauty of percussoin in music.

The texture and qrit just add a little more vibe to any style form clean pop to qrimey hip hop.

Keep an eye out for more innovative percussoin form RARE percussoin!

281 Samples

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