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Retouch4me Heal 1.018
Retouch4me Heal – Healing small skin defects. Auto skin selection. No need to select skin manually anymore! Retouch4me Heal automatically recognizes skin areas on photo and retouches it. No need to do manual work with problem areas on skin. Just one button press to get result!

Retouch4me Portrait Volumes 1.018
Retouch4me Portrait Volumes – Add new dimension to your portraits. Retouch4me Portrait Volumes automatically enhances the sense of depth in portraits. It makes eyes brighter, emphasizes lips, nose and draws the oval of the face. Adding volume to a portraits by hand is not an easy task, even for an experienced retoucher. Retouch4me Portrait Volumes is great for portraits with even lighting.

Retouch4me White Teeth 1.019
Retouch4me White Teeth – For a white smile. Retouch4me White Teeth automatically finds teeth in the photo and whitens them. Often, after applying warm tints in the photo, the teeth turn yellow. Retouch4me White Teeth returns whiteness to teeth. It also works on group portraits!

Retouch4me Skin Mask 1.017
Retouch4me Skin Mask – One-click skin selection. Retouch4me Skin Mask automatically detects skin in the photo and masks it. You can select face, body of full skin. You can emphasize the main hero in your photo or, on the contrary, make it look dramatic. You don’t need to manually select skin in the photo. Just imagine how much time you would spend processing large volumes of such photos by hand!

Retouch4me Dodge & Burn 1.016
Retouch4me Dodge & Burn – For high-end retouching. Retouch4me Dodge & Burn automatically retouches the portraits with the dodge&burn technique used by high-end retouchers. Retouch4me Dodge & Burn saves retouchers’ time. Just imagine how long it takes to get the same result manually!

Retouch4me Clean Backdrop 1.012
Retouch4me Clean Backdrop – Cleans studio backgrounds in one click. Retouch4me Clean Backdrop automatically spots dirt, small folds and sensor dust and removes it from an evenly-colored studio background. The plug-in doesn’t cover everything up with one color but only removes dirt. The shadows remain intact, as if they were shot against a perfectly clear background. The plug-in preserves the natural look of the photo.

Retouch4me Fabric 1.011
AI based retouching app. Smoothes out creasees and wrinkles in fabric. Retouch4me Fabric automatically detects clothing in the photo and smoothes out creases and wrinkles. Retouch4me Fabric is ideal for catalog shooting. Sometimes there is no time to prepare clothing for a photoshoot. Retouch4me Fabric will help you iron clothes after shooting! It works perfectly on group shots. You don’t need to manually select clothes in the photo before processing. Just imagine how much time you would spend processing large volumes of such photos by hand!

Retouch4me Eye Brilliance 1.010
Retouch4me Eye Brilliance – AI based retouching app. Create expressive eyes. Retouch4me Eye Brilliance automatically detects eyes in the photo and retouches them using the dodge and burn technique. The plug-in emphasizes the eyes and draws the viewer’s attention to them. Retouch4me Eye Brilliance plugin allows you to mask the eyes and save it as a separate layer. You can use this layer to sharpen the eyes. Retouch4me Eye Brilliance works perfectly on group portraits! Just imagine how much you would spend if you have dozens of photos to process!

Retouch4me Eye Vessels 1.010
Retouch4me Eye Vessels – For perfect eyes. Retouch4me Eye Vessels automatically detects the whites of the eyes in the photo and retouches them. It seamlessly removes blood vessels and redness. The original shape and natural color are preserved when retouching the eyes. Try to get the same result by yourself and see if you can do the retouching as well as the plugin does!

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