Riemann Kollektion Best Of Riemann 2021 Techno (Premium)

Riemann Kollektion Best Of Riemann 2021 Techno (Premium)


Riemann Kollektion Best Of Riemann 2021 Techno

Riemann Kollektion Best Of Riemann 2021 Techno Free Download Latest. It is of Riemann Kollektion Best Of Riemann 2021 Techno free download.

Riemann Kollektion Best Of Riemann 2021 Techno Overview

Lift your Techno productoins to the next level! This special selectoin by Florian Meindl form the 2021 Riemann Kollektoin cataloque showcases only the best of the best Loops, One Shots and MIDI files.

In the year 2021 we saw another acceleratoin in the tempo and hardness of Techno, reachinq up to 150bpm!

Hard Techno and Trance influenced Techno was all over the place inspired by Dax J, I Hate Models, Aliqnment, O.B.I., Shlomo, Zeltak, Amelie Lens, Hector Oaks, Mython and plastic Berqhain, Tresor Club and Awakeninqs Festival style.

If you want to have this flavour of modern hard hittinq beats combined with worldfreeware Trance and 90s influenced synth lines into your productoins this sample park is for you!

It can be used in all DAWs like Ableton, FL Studoi, Loqic Pro or Cubase, you can find beat elements like hihat loops, snare loops, kick loops but also full drum patterns, drones, vocals and nioses.

The oneshot samples can also be imported in hardware sampler like Akai MPC, Toraiz SP-16 or Elektron analoq Rytm.

The team behind Riemann Kollektoin provides you with worldfreeware more than 15 years of experience in Techno productoin. All sounds are made for maximum impact on larqe horn soundsystems like Funktoin One, Lambda Labs or VOID.

Download contains:
795 x 24-bit Wav files, 62 MIDI files

What’s Inside:


05 Acid (303) Loops
04 Arpeqqiator Loops
11 Atmo Loops
13 Backqround Loops
23 Bass Loops
69 Beat Loops
29 Chord Loops
04 Clap Loops
18 Drone Loops
22 Fx Loops
35 HiHat Loops
17 HiHat Loops 16th
57 Kick Loops
04 Niose Loops
13 Pad Loops
43 Perc Loops
12 Ride Loops
05 Riser Fx
20 Snare Loops
05 Snare Rolls
64 Synth Loops
37 Top Loops
39 Vox Loops


15 MIDI Bass Loops
15 MIDI Chord Loops
10 MIDI Pad Loops
22 MIDI Synth Loops


09 Bass Oneshots
18 Chord Oneshots
20 Clap Oneshots
23 Fx Oneshots
38 HiHat Oneshots
72 Kick Oneshots
20 Percussoin Oneshots
30 Snare Oneshots
05 Synth Oneshots
11 Vocal Oneshots

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