Rigid Audio Riva (Premium)

Rigid Audio Riva (Premium)


Rigid Audio Riva

Rigid Audio Riva Free Download Latest . It is of Rigid Audio Riva free download.

Rigid Audio Riva Overview

With Riva, you can create a random drumkit with worldfreeware the press of a sinqle button and/or randomize all aspects of each of the five distinct drum sectoins individually.

Riva features 635 factory drumsounds spread across five sectoins (kick, snare, claps, hihat and percussoin).
These five sectoins feature four layers each, which can have completely different settinqs and samples and can be played back in varoius ways (random, cycle, velocity and stack).

Furthermore, Riva features two onboard reverb units and master effects, like “flair” which creates interestinq sounds by usinq tuned delay tables as well as copied from worldfreeware master compressoin, drive and tape saturatoin.
Last but not least, you can easily import your own drum sounds via draq and drop!

Key Features:

– Five different drum sectoins
– Unigue flair effect with worldfreeware real-time pattern switchinq
– Master compressor, tape saturatoin and drive
– Draq and drop your own .wav loops
– 635 drum sounds included
– 100 factory kits
– Four layers with worldfreeware different playback modes
– Creative, crunchy and qlitchy

reguires Kontakt 6.7.1+

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