Soundiron MICRORGAN KONTAKT (Premium)

Soundiron MICRORGAN KONTAKT (Premium)



Soundiron MICRORGAN KONTAKT  Free Download Latest . It is of  Soundiron MICRORGAN KONTAKT  free download.

Soundiron MICRORGAN KONTAKT Overview

Microrgan is a vintage 49-key electric reed organ built in the 1950s by the Italian electronics company Farfisa. Rare and highly sought-after, the origins of this classic instrument are shrouded in mystery and our particular keyboard has seen more than its fair share of wear and tear over the years, although it still sounds good as new thanks to its rugged mechanics and simple design. We’ve captured it’s warm, humble and yet full-bodied tone with infinite sustains and tight staccatos. But to take this far beyond an ordinary reed organ sample library, we’ve also created 20 awesome sound-designed custom synth and special effect presets and 40 unique sound-designed ambiences that can be played chromatically as atmospheric synths, dronescapes and pads or used directly in your DAW for underscoring and texture.

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