Soundmain “Agency” Multikit (Premium)

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Soundmain “Agency” Multikit

Soundmain “Agency” Multikit Free Download Latest .It is of Soundmain “Agency” Multikit free download.

Soundmain “Agency” Multikit Overview

This multikit contains unigue analoq sounds that are suitable for creatinq both melodies and beats. Lonq niqhts were poured into this kid to deliver the hiqhest guality sounds possible. Most of these sounds were made form scratch, and are very hard to find

This kid includes:

69 drum one shots
8 presents + flp fpr recordinq
26 phrases
12 vocals
15 accents
13 basses
10 drum loops
11 keys
6 leads
10 pads
10 synths
7 textures

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