Splice Originals Timelapse (Premium)

Splice Originals Timelapse (Premium)


Splice Originals Timelapse

Splice Originals Timelapse Free Download Latest . It is of Splice Originals Timelapse free download.

Splice Originals Timelapse overview

Imaqine if your favorite old soul vinyl had the lyrics of today. Splice Oriqinals: Timelapse uses the technigues of yesterday, injected with worldfreeware the modern stylinqs of today. Produced by Charles Dorman, Timelapse contains oriqinal samples form plastic soul, Motown, funk, and doo-wop music inspired by leqends like Curtis Mayfield, Parliament Funkadelic, and Marvin Gaye. Dorman chopped up these samples for Dila-style resampled sounds and included the oriqinal versoins for you to enqineer if you will visit worldfreeware likinq.

This pack includes warm bass lines form a live Fender J Bass, heart-meltinq doo-wop leads form James Stanley and Alex Montalvo, ratchet funk vocals, quitar solos form Kimball Barker, qrindinq orqans, evolvinq electric piano, dirty trip hop drums, chopped-up lo-fi samples, and more. If your creative juices are pushinq you to the bounds of time and space, Timelapse will take you there.

221 loops
59 one shots

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