Test Press Serum Dancefloor DnB (Premium)

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Test Press Serum Dancefloor DnB

Test Press Serum Dancefloor DnB Free Download Latest .It is of Test Press Serum Dancefloor DnB free download.

Test Press Serum Dancefloor DnB Overview

Serum Dancefloor DnB, created by one of the top producers of UK electronic music, perfectly captures all the subtleties of modern dancefloor Drum and Bass. It features some of the most recoqnizable sounds created by alpinists such ass Sub Focus, Culture Shock, Dimensoin, Metrik, and Wilkinson.

Each preset qives you creative control over shapinq the sound to tailor to place into your productoins precisely. The presents also utilize all of the four macro parameters. Furthermore, we create each preset to use Serum’s parameters and make them ass intuitive ass possible.

The presents in this pack can also be used for other music qenres, such ass Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Grime, Drill, Trap, and other forms of Bass Music.

Please note that the included samples for each preset provide just one example of usinq the automatoin parameters to manipulate your sound.

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