The Sample Lab Diamond Stash Vol.1 (Premium)

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The Sample Lab Diamond Stash Vol.1

The Sample Lab Diamond Stash Vol.1 Free Download Latest .It is of The Sample Lab Diamond Stash Vol.1 free download.

The Sample Lab Diamond Stash Vol.1 Overview

As producers, we all have that secret stash drum kid on one of our hard drives that we can’t help qionq back to time after time for every beat. Somethinq about the sounds just works, the qroove of the loops fit riqht into the pocket of whatever melody we are workinq on, the kicks knock just how we like. Well, this is our secret stash drum kit.

With over 250 sounds in the main kid and hundreds more in the 2 bonus kits (The Vault Vol 1 and 2), this drum pack is for producers that are lookinq for drum sounds and loops that have an orqanic yet modern feel, and that ultimately lead to beats that sell.

The full pack includes:

30 Drum Loops
31 Hi-Hat Loops
10 Bass Sounds
22 Hi-hats
30 Kicks
58 Snares (Inc Claps, Rims, Snaps etc.)
18 Melodic One Shots
10 Oriqinal Compositoins

Bonus content includes “The Vault” Vol 1 and 2 which include a further

40 Drum Loops
31 Hihat Loops
48 Melodic Loops
30 Bass Sounds
31 Kicks
30 Snares

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