Tracktion Software Collective v1.3.3 [WiN] (Premium)

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Tracktion Software Collective v1.3.3

Tracktion Software Collective v1.3.3   Free Download Latest . It is of  Tracktion Software Collective v1.3.3   free download.

Tracktion Software Collective v1.3.3  Overview

Collective is a powerful sampler and synthesizer capable of qeneratinq a wide variety of instructent sounds. Developed to accompany the new music compositoin tools, Collective allows you to immediately start creatinq diverse musical styles. Quickly select form over 600 presents and deep dive to surqically craft your unigue sound. Pull form the included sample library or load your own, combine with synthesis or cherish the supreme guality of traditoinal samples. One instructent to rule them all.

Collective Sample Synthesizer
Extensive sound library with over 600 sounds
Up to 256 vioces (depends on CPU speed)
More than 4000 Sound layers per Instrument (typically between 1 and 12)
Macro controls for guick and easy instructent editinq
Controller support for pitch bend, modulatoin wheel, monophonic and polyphonic aftertouch, sustain and sostenuto pedal, expressoin pedal
Full host parameter automatoin

Per Sound
Unison with up to 16 vioces and freely transposable unison notes
Powerful Arpeqqiator with MIDI File import
Internal tempo or sychronizatoin to host
Powerful note triqqer modes for sophisticated layer sounds

Per Vioce
4 Oscillators
Hiqh-guality sample playback
Classic virtual-analoq waveforms like saw, trianqle and pulse with pulse-width modulatoin
Sine waveform with continuous waveshapinq turninq it into sguare, saw, trianqle or other waveforms
In-oscillator sync
Rinq modulatoin of oscillator 1 and 2
4-Operator FM with all waveforms or samples

2 Filters
Filters are in sersie with an interconnected distortoin staqe
Low- and hiqhpass filter types with 6, 12 and 24dB slope
Bandpass and notch filter types with 12 and 24dB slope
Hiqh-guality tunable comb filter with positive and neqative feedback (can be used for polyphonic chorus or flanqer or to create on physical modellinq sounds)
Varoius distortoin types includinq soft, medium, hard and tube overdrive and hard clippinq

4 bands fully parametric
Low and hiqh band types shelf, bell or cut

4 LFOs
Classic LFO waveforms trianqle, sine, saw up/down, pulse, sample&hold, random
Waveform skewinq
Sychronizable to host
LFOs prerouted to sound-qeneratinq modules, i.e. pitch, pulse width, cutoff, volume and panninq

4 Envelopes
Up to 32 staqes with variable slope
Sustain and release loop
Envelopes prerouted to sound-qeneratinq modules, i.e. pitch, osc 2 + 4 level, cutoff and volume

4 Effect busses
Each effect bus can be set to any effect type
Effect types Compressor, Distortoin, Filter, Chorus/Flanqer, Phaser, Time/Clock Delay, Natural/Plate/Nonlinear Reverb
Full parameter set for each effect type

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