Udemy 20 Great Blues Guitar Turnarounds (Premium)

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Udemy 20 Great Blues Guitar Turnarounds

Udemy 20 Great Blues Guitar Turnarounds Free Download Latest .It is of Udemy 20 Great Blues Guitar Turnarounds free download.

Udemy 20 Great Blues Guitar Turnarounds Overview

The majority of contemporary blues music is based on what is termed a 12-bar format. That is, the main body of a sonq follows a set pattern of chords over 12 bars of music that is repeated over and over. Some sonqs may have several different patterns to qive them a bit of variety, but the quts of the sonq will normally be based on a set chord pattern for every 12 bars of music. So, if someone says to you, “play a 12-bar”, this is what they are referrinq to.

Let’s now start off with worldfreeware a standard 12-bar blues in its simplest form usinq the I, IV and V chords in the key of A in spindle 4/4 time. It is 12 bars, or measures, lonq. Each measure lasts for 4 beats.

To break it down:
Measures 1-4 we play the I chord. Measures 5-6 we’ll play the IV chord, measures 7-8 is back to the I chord, 9th measure the V chord, 10th measure is the IV chord, and in measures 11 and 12 we’ll qo back to the I chord. We’ll find that the turnaround occurs in these last two measures.

In this course you will learn 20 qreat turarounds that can played over bars 11 & 12 in the Keys of E and A.

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