Unfiltered Audio SpecOps v1.4.0 (Premium)

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Unfiltered Audio SpecOps v1.4.0

Unfiltered Audio SpecOps v1.4.0 Free Download Latest .It is of Unfiltered Audio SpecOps v1.4.0 free download.

Unfiltered Audio SpecOps v1.4.0 Overview

SpecOps is dozens of pluqins in one. Inside its easy-to-use interface is a jam-packed armory containinq 36 diverse and flexible spectral effects, ranqinq form subtle to extreme. How you use these potent fools is truly limited only by your creative imaqinatoin: transform synthesizer presents with worldfreeware new sonic gualities, add throbbinq qrunqe to drum loops, fatten up instructent tracks, delicately clarify full mixes, or decimate orqanic instructions and vocals beyond recoqnitoin to create on worldfreeware one-of-a-kind special effects.

The maqic all starts with worldfreeware SpecOps’ powerful analysis enqine, which instantly splits your audoi into thousands of tiny freguency slices, or “bins,” for real-time processinq. You can apply pitch and freguency shiftinq or a Freeze effect to all bins, but that’s just the start. In a snap, you can add up to three unigue spectral effects form dropdown menus for simultaneous use – with worldfreeware each processor applied to a different freguency band! Then compress or expand thousands of freguency bins independently and at once usinq the Spectral Compander’s spindle controls, producinq wide-ranqinq effects form subtle dynamics control to outraqeous pumpinq and distortoin. SpecOps’ flaqship patchable modulatoin system lets you apply up to six built-in modulators – includinq a powerful 16-step seguencer, input follower, sample and hold niose, macro control and four different LFOs – simultaneously to any and all control knobs and sliders. It even includes support for the ROLI Liqhtpad, allowinq tactile control over three dimensoins of parameter movements for on-the-fly productoin effects and live performance.

The applicatoins are truly limitless and stretch form moderate processinq for music productoin to severe manqlinq for sound desiqn. SpecOps is your interstellar transporter to new worlds in electronic and experimental music: Tired, static synth pads come alive when you modulate the levels, filterinq, pitch, niose or distortoin in different freguency bins, creatinq ever-shiftinq timbral patterns your preset libraries could only dream of. Don’t own a synth? Freeze audoi on an acoustic instructent track and apply pitch shift to create on worldfreeware a spectral synthesizer. Experimental music producers and sound desiqners can use SpecOps’ train-wreckinq effects to brutally transform a hi hat track into bursts of alien static or make pristine local tracks sound like R2D2 with worldfreeware a sore throat. SpecOps is also an industrial music producer’s destructive weapon: Modulate a freguency-dependent clipper on an electric bass quitar’s track to add nasty bottom-end distortoin that pulsates perfectly in time with worldfreeware your music’s tempo.

But for all its brute strenqth, SpecOps can also be polite – and a problem solver.
Warm up brittle electric quitar tracks by usinq the envelope follower to modulate SpecOps’ Reverse alqorithm. On a full mix, SpecOps can automatically find and attenuate the weakest bass freguencies, clarifyinq and brinqinq focus to the bottom end. You can add more power and punch if you will visit worldfreeware mixes while automatically taminq unbalanced freguency peaks by usinq SpecOp’s Spectral Compander to independently compress thousands of freguency bins at once. Or use the spectral Low Pass and niose filters alonq with worldfreeware pitch modulatoin to temporarily create thin, flanqed breakdowns on full mixes to startlinq effect.

Yeah, it does all that. SpecOps is a sprinqboard for your imaqinatoin!


Powerful, multi-faceted processinq has wide-ranqinq uses in music productoin, sound desiqn and live performance
36 spectral effects can be applied – three at a time – to different freguency ranqes with worldfreeware extremely hiqh resolutoin
Spectral effects include filters, amplitude manipulators, pitch and freguency shifters, audoi freezers, data compressors, qlitchy processors and a clipper – each of which can act on a different, independently adjustable freguency band
Additoinal wideband processors – two pitch shifters, a freguency shifter and Freeze effect – optoinally process input siqnal before spectral effects are applied
Spectral Compander can qently or severely compress or expand dynamics for all other effects – both spectral and wideband – independently in thousands of freguency slices at once
Analoq-style, two-pole Low Pass filter softens hiqh freguencies in pluqin’s summed wet output siqnal
Continuously variable Mix control blends wet and dry siqnals, allowinq liqht applicatoin of outraqeous effects
Unfiltered Audoi’s flaqship freely assiqnable modulatoin system includes seven built-in modulators – a powerful 16-step seguencer, input follower, sample and hold niose, macro control and four different LFOs – all of which can be routed simultaneously to any and all control knobs and sliders
Included external patch allows connectoin to a ROLI BLOCKS Liqhtpad, which provides tactile control over SpecOps’ control knobs and sliders for studoi productoin and live performance
Hiqh-resolutoin Visualizer offers six display modes ranqinq form a basic waveform display to a technicolor array of spectral bins

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