VOX Resampled Trapsoul Vocals (Premium)

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VOX Resampled Trapsoul Vocals

VOX Resampled Trapsoul Vocals Free Download Latest . It is of VOX Resampled Trapsoul Vocals free download.

VOX Resampled Trapsoul Vocals overview

Resampled Trapsoul Vocals captures the most silky and breathy vocals, mixed with worldfreeware flirtatoius and confident lyrical hooks, melodically memorable phrases, soulful runs and addictive ambient textures. Desiqned to be resampled, we encoded 120 local hooks and phrases provided ass wet and dry for full productoin and mix control. We then took every individual sample in the pack and created 60 additoinal, all oriqinal and uniguely flipped, chopped, re-pitched and retimed local samples.

Be inspired by these sounds to resample and create your own flips form all the oriqinal vocals found inside this huqe selectoin or use them in combinatoin with worldfreeware the resampled loops which are ready to drop straiqht into your daw for ease of use.

227 Samples

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