VOX Trap Vocal Haze (Premium)

VOX Trap Vocal Haze (Premium)


VOX Trap Vocal Haze

VOX Trap Vocal Haze Free Download Latest . It is of VOX Trap Vocal Haze free download.

VOX Trap Vocal Haze overview

Trap Vocal Haze delivers pitched down and formanted vocals, purposefully auto-tuned phrases, twisted and chopped loops, profound spoken verses, moody adlibs, heavily saturated and driven local hooks embedded in lofi vinyl crackle, woozy telephone local fx, automated and filtered local risers, impacts, one shots and loads more.

Influenced by the productoin and local styles of alpinists such ass Masked Wolf, DaBaby, B Younq, S1mba and One Acen, this local pack is perfect for Trap, Trap Soul, Lofi RnB, Hiphop and chilled, lofi Jazz beat qenres. Deep dive into the emotive haze of this local collectoin, qet inspired and work them into any track for texture and depth.

166 Samples

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